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iPhone 6 release date: September?

Black iPhone 6 advertisment
Black iPhone 6 advertisment
AlexKormisPS (ALM) via Flickr

Based on a Mac Rumor article today, the new iPhone release date is expected to be somewhere in September. iPhone enthusiasts can expect a bunch of new and exciting features to come with the new release, but what exactly will the new iPhone have to offer? Here are a few of the whispers on the street:


Just like past releases, the Spigen iPhone case has been released ahead of time giving good insight into the look and shape of the new iPhone. The Spigen case is a thin 4.7 inches (slightly larger than the iPhone 5S) and you can see a likeness here;

Operating System

The newly released iPhone 6 will most likely be outfitted with iOS 8 that will have a plethora of new features and applications. iOS 8 is rumored to feature CarPlay, a Siri powered app that will sync with the display on some new vehicles as well as unmatched performance.


Although many believe that Apple has the ability to produce a 13-megapixel sensor on the new iPhone, TechRadar suggests that Apple will most likely go with the standard 8 megapixel but up the image quality, dramatically increasing processing power with f/2.0 aperture.

Wireless Charging

According to CP Entertainment, Last year Apple filed for a patent for Near Field Magnetic Resonance (NFMR) allowing multiple devices to charge on a magnetic pad. It seems that NFMR technology is definitely in the future for Apple, the question is; will it be released on the iPhone 6?

Internal Storage

MacRumors suggests that the iPhone 6 may be the first phone to offer 128GB of internal storage capacity crushing the previous 64GB limit. It is, however, uncertain if this will be released with the first iPhone 6 or a later model shortly after.

2 Sizes

MacRumors also suggest that the new release will announce a larger iPhone 6 to debut at a later time. The larger model will most likely be 5.5 inches competing with some of the larger Android Phones. There is not yet any indication on when this model will be released however.

Nothing Cheap

It is almost a sure thing that Apple will not be offering a "more affordable option" this time around. The release of the iPhone 5c bombed because iPhone users aren't looking for a cheap option, and Apple heard their voices loud and clear. We are sure to see nothing but the best from Apple so far in the latest iPhone release.

Please note that these are just rumors and speculations and Apple has not released any solid information on the iPhone 6 yet. To the new iPhone customers and current iPhone users; Keep your eyes open for the new iPhone and mark your calendars for September and you are likely to see the greatest and most exciting iPhone produced yet.

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