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iPhone 6: Release date, price, feature rumors for upcoming Apple smartphone

Apple has yet to confirm any new smartphone releases for 2014, but that hasn't stopped all the iPhone 6 release date rumors from surfacing. An article from April 19th, 2014 on the Value Walk website says the popular technology company has filed new patents; sparking additional rumors about what features and specs Apple fanatics might expect on the next iPhone.

The report goes on to say Apple snapped up 46 new patents from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, just a few weeks ago. Apparently one of, or possibly several of these new patents combined, makes it appear that Apple is planning to utilize push-to-talk, and slide to unlock features on the upcoming iPhone 6, and the iPad Air 2. On April 17th, 2014, an article at IBTimes noted some of the newly filed patents pertain to "social networking, editing, avatar creation, video gaming and conferencing."

It seems Apple and Samsung might be having a disagreement over a patent that would allow upcoming Apple handheld devices to have touch-sensitive displays that feature an unlock image. Users would be able to use a pre-defined gesture to control the device. If these new features are what Apple has in store for the new iPhone 6, and iPad Air 2, then it would make the devices more competitive with the Samsung Galaxy and Note devices.

Other iPhone 6 rumors claim the device might cost as much as $100 more than the current iPhone model. A similar rumor surfaced prior to the 5S launch last year, but if Apple is planning to wow the crowd with beefed up features and specs, then Apple lovers might not mind paying the extra money. Many consumers aren't concerned with having the latest gadgets, so they will likely be able to snag a great deal on last years model once the iPhone 6 makes it debut.

As for the release date, Apple hasn't confirmed anything yet, nor has the smartphone been unveiled. However most of the online rumors are pointing to the handset making an appearance within the next few months. This is of course a vague assumption, so it might be best to assume the iPhone 6 release date won't be until sometime in September or October. Especially since that is the same time-frame the last few models were released.

What changes would you like to see for the iPhone 6? Would you be willing to pay an additional $100 for the device?

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