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iPhone 6 release date imminent, leaked pictures support specs rumors

Hot on the heels of reports alleging visual proof that the iPhone 6 release date is near, a few new images have surfaced online this week. As IBTimes reports (Aug. 28), the recent images found on UneedTech claim to reveal a closer look at the upcoming Apple flagship device and its retail packaging.

Apple iPhone 6 release date, specs and features rumors precede leaked pictures of an alleged prototype
Flickr-World Leaks

As with all rumors and leaks involving the iPhone 6, a bit of skepticism is not uncommon. There’s always the possibility that the purported leaked images are fake.The silver iPhone 6 shown in these latest photo leaks seems to lack the same quality craftsmanship as its predecessors. With the exception of the iPhone 5C, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are made of gorilla glass and anodised aluminium. It’s speculated that the images could be of a pre-production sample or dummy phone used for display. The freshly leaked pics coincide with previous images that claim to reveal an iPhone 6 prototype.

If we are to believe that the leaked images are legit, they seem to support the existing rumor that the iPhone 6 will be biggest iPhone model released to date. According to ValueWalk, French website NoWhereElse got its hands on a promotional image that hints towards a September 9 unveil from Apple.

If accurate, come September 9, we’ll witness the launch of a 5.5-inch HD display iPhone 6 alongside a 4.7-inch HD display version. Apple’s move to adopt a bigger phone display is to meet consumer demand and level the playing field among rivals. Competing smartphone makers Samsung, HTC and Nokia already have several large display handsets on the mobile retail market.

The upcoming iPhone 6 is expected to feature a TouchID home button, as found on the iPhone 5S, which is also visible in the latest photo leaks. Rumors surrounding the hardware and software specs of the iPhone 6 have been abundant. Expected to be powered by a brand-spanking new 64-bit A8 processor, the iPhone 6 will debut with 2GB of RAM and iOS 8 firmware.

The primary camera on board is said to be a 13MP Exmor IMX220 with dual-LED flash loaded with face detection, geo-tagging and HDR panorama features. The camera will allegedly have 3264 x 2448 pixel image taking capabilities and HD video recording of 1080p@60fps.

Once it lands in September, the iPhone 6 is rumored to be available in four built-in storage options including 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Besides silver, Apple’s soon-to-be released flagship phone was spotted online in both black and gold variants.

Chinese network carrier China Unicom announced that it will sell an unlocked version of the iPhone 6. Although the price is currently unknown, the phone will be available for purchase from the carrier between a September 16 to September 19 window. The iPhone 6's release date and price for the U.S. and Canada remains a mystery, but not for much longer if the rumors are valid.

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