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iPhone 6 may be larger and cheaper according to court evidence

The iPhone 6 may be larger and cheaper according to court evidence introduced at the Apple-Samsung iPhone iOS patent trial, says a April 7 report in “Forbes”.

While Apple has increased the size of the iPhone from 3.5-inches to four inches diagonally, it doesn't seem to be enough to quench the thirst of consumers for larger iPhones. Rumors consistently say that the iPhone 6 will come in 4.7-inch and 5.5 inch displays and recent court evidence explains why.

Internal Apple slides about Apple's iPhone plans for 2014 reveal in court that iPhone growth is slowing in relation to the growth of larger screen smartphones. Larger screens are very popular in China and developing nations because most consumers in these areas can't afford both a smartphone and a tablet and a larger display phone meets both needs. Larger screens are also becoming increasingly popular in the United States because they provide a bigger screen for watching videos and playing games.

These slides are titled “Consumers want what we don't have” and focus on how most of the growth in the smartphone market is for phones with larger displays greater than 4-inch screens and less than $300.00.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple will launch larger screen iPhones when display technology improves to the point where big screen displays look as good as the display on the current Retina display 4-inch iPhones, and acknowledges that iPhone screen size is one element that consumers look at. Cook has also said that there will probably be a lineup of iPhones that are differentiated by size and capabilities during this 2013 interview at “All Things D”.

Displays for Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 are said to be in production starting this month by Apple suppliers LG and Sharp.

Other improvements to the iPhone 6 will undoubtedly be a new, faster and more power efficient processor, probably named the A8 (the current iPhone processor is named A7), in a thinner case—because this is the trend in iPhone iterations.

For more info on iPhone 6 possible specs and design see Free iPhone apps, iPhone 6 leaked images reveal new design.

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