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iPhone 6 and iOS 8 details emerge

iPhone 6 and iOS 8 details are emerging, more and more, the closer the calendar gets to June 2, the date of Apple's keynote address at WWDC 2014, according to an April 10 report in Business Insider. WWDC stands for World Wide Developers Conference and is the venue where Apple traditionally revels the next iOS, which in this case will be iOS 8.

iOS 8 will run on Apple's new iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, as well as iPad Air and all iPad versions released over the past two years, if Apple maintains its past practice—and there is every reason to believe that Apple will. iOS 8 will be free to download.

The current version of iOS is iOS 7.1, which was released last month and is free to download. iOS 7.1 is the latest update to iOS 7.0, which Apple introduced at last year's WWDC, along with an announcement that OS X Mavericks, the update to the operating system for Apple's computers, would be free to download, like iOS is free for iPhone and iPad.

When iOS 7.0 was introduced at last year's WWDC, iOS 7.0 had a revolutionary design, that was much simpler and cleaner. iOS 7.0 was the biggest design change since the iPhone was originally launch by Steve Jobs in 2007.

Every iteration of iOS builds on the design and features of the previous iOS version. Since iOS 7.0 had a major design upgrade last year, users can expect only slight changes in the design of the upcoming iOS 8. Instead, iOS 8.0 will have get new and improved features.

While the iOS 8 will be revealed in just a few weeks, and Apple has not made any official announcements about iOS 8, there are some details that are already emerging thanks to leaks from credible sources and past Apple decisions. “Siri” and “Maps”, are both going to be improved and given new capabilities, thanks to Apple's purchases last year of tech firms that specialize in speech recognition and maps.

While there will be improvements to “Siri” and “Maps”, and hundreds of under the hood improvements, the focus of iOS 8 will be fitness and health tracking, according to a credible article in 9to5 Mac. The new “Healthbook” will be able to help users stay fit by tracking everything from calories burned and miles walked to vital signs, like blood pressure.

Possible changes include “iTunes Radio”, which may be removed from iOS 8 and spun off as an individual app that is free to download from the App Store. The “Game Center” app may be removed because players usually find each other through the individual game apps.

If Apple maintains last year's schedule, iOS 8, which will be revealed on June 2 at WWDC, will be launched in September 2014, like iOS 7 was launched last September. Apple also usually announces the launch date of iOS during the introduction of the next iPhone, which in this case would be iPhone 6. So, it appears that iPhone 6 will be introduced sometime in September.

Rumors are consistent that Apple will launch at least two versions of iPhone 6, each with a different screen size—and maybe with different resolutions. One version of iPhone 6 will have a 4.7-inch screen and the other version will have a 5.5-inch screen, with slimmer bezels. In addition, it appears that Apple is moving the “Power” button from the top to the side. The iPhone 6 will also be thinner and have a move advanced A8 processor. The closer June 2 gets, the more iPhone 6 and iOS 8 details will be revealed.

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