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iPhone 5s data usage highest among cell phone users

iPhone 5s data usage highest among cell phone users.
iPhone 5s data usage highest among cell phone users.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

iPhone 5s data usage is among the highest of all cell phone users according to a recent study. The report compared Apple's newest phone to the older iPhone 3G device. According to Los Angeles Times on Jan. 23, iPhone 5s users had a voracious appetite for data.

JDSU's Location Intelligence Business Unit tracks data usage each year, and for 2013, it found iPhone 5s users demand seven times as much data as users of the iPhone 3G, the study's benchmark device.

iPhone 5s data usage in markets considered to be developing was much higher when compared to the benchmark device. iPhone 5 users consumed twenty times more data than iPhone 3G owners. Apple has ruled the roost for most data usage four years in a row now.

iPhone 5s data usage drives overall data consumption as much as 20 to 40 percent with each new generation model. Apple also made up six out of the top ten devices when ranked by data usage.

When it came to uploads, HTC device users led the way for data usage in developed markets. Samsung Galaxy S4 was number one in developing markets.

A usage imbalance was also discovered in this survey. Only 0.1 percent of 4G users on LTE networks accounted for one half of all the data downloaded. Some users sip data from a straw, whilst others truly drink from a fire hose.

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