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iPhone 4G: The Hottest Rumor of the Summer

A glance at the 4th Generation iPhone.
A glance at the 4th Generation iPhone.

It's that time of year again. The thermometer stands tall, acting as our personal, mercury-filled mentor, advising us on whether to wear shoes or sandals. Memories drift through our minds about childhood camp days filled with capture the flag, belly-flop contests and the coldest Otter Pops in town. And Billie Holiday fills our ears with her sweet song and romantic way of looking at the sweltering three months we call summer - reminding us it's "Summertime, and the livin' is easy."

What could be greater than the blissful calm offered by our favorite months of June, July and August?

Oh yeah, a new iPhone.

In case you don't spend practically every waking hour in front of a computer, searching for the latest tech drama to erupt in real time, you might not be aware of the past two month's iPhone drama. Here's the lowdown:

On March 18, an Apple software engineer was reportedly out celebrating his 27th birthday at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a German-style beer garden in Redwood City, Calif., and drunkenly misplaced a prototype fourth-generation iPhone - iPhone 4G for the tech-savvy. Someone at the beer garden then picked up the iPhone 4G and discourteously began wisping through the dazzling device. After no one claimed it, the mysterious boozer pocketed the phone and incoherently made his way home.

Upon waking up and regaining a sense of the world, the random thief realized this iPhone was no ordinary iPhone. He curiously examined the phone, inside and out, and determined this had to be a prototype for a newer version of the iPhone.

What's the next logical step you ask? Sell it on eBay, of course.

After a few weeks, the popular technology news blog, Gizmodo, purchased Apple's supposed newborn iPhone for a mere $5,000. Gizmodo eventually dismantled the gadget, published their findings, and netted 5.3 million page views upon releasing the news to the world. Ethical scrutiny then erupted all over the Internet, spawning numerous journalistic criticisms, as well as a police seizure of Gizmodo's computers and servers. Not to mention an irate Steve Jobs.

Now, as we stand in the aftermath of The Tale of the Lost iPhone 4G, the major rumor across the Internet is that Apple is finally going to announce the existence and release date of its newest smartphone - and soon.

On Monday, Apple is hosting the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Jose, Calif., which is a five-day, international colloquium dedicated to the advancement of Apple application development and a chance for Apple-junkies to poke fun at Bill Gates. And if past behavior is any indication of future action, Apple likely will reveal a major announcement to the iPhone hungry world, rumored to be the latest and greatest version of the iPhone: The iPhone 4G.

What can you expect to find on the newest model?


For you video chatting devotees, the iPhone 4G is rumored to offer a front-facing video camera, eliminating the days of blindsided filmmaking. The renovated gizmo also will offer a larger back-facing camera lens, complimented by a practical and delectable camera-friendly flash. A smaller screen will be featured on the mobile companion, but the screen likely will display higher-resolution images, which are projected to be 960x640 pixels in size.

As for the physical presence, the fourth generation iPhone is said to be 3 grams heavier than its 3GS counterpart, come equipped with separate buttons for volume control, contain a 16 percent larger battery for longer battery life, and offer metallic power, volume, and mute buttons. The rounded, concave-esque appearance also has been altered, exhibiting a square-like exterior that would make Honda Element lovers proud.

So just think, if you're starting to feel the heat now, wait until Monday when the hottest smartphone on the market fires its way onto your wish list and eventually burns a hole in your pocket.


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