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Did you know almost anyone can hack into your cell phones camera? Yes, they can turn on your phone remotely and then use visual and audio equipment on your smart phone. Now there is a case that can cover the phone's camera. It's a simple on and off. People are using tape to cover the cameras because there is nothing better. The software needed to tap into anyone's cell phone camera is less than $50 and creeps are taking advantage of that.

iPatch is different – there is nothing like it on the market. Our case blocks the camera but not the
all-important sensors on your phone. You’ll notice a tiny opening on the front iPatch cover – that
allows for the phone’s proximity and light sensors to remain fully functional while completely
blacking out the camera.

Who is behind the project? Michael Sorrentino, a TV Producer with 10 years experience in news, entertainment, and informative programming. In covering thousands of news stories, he came across an important issue that impacts us all... smartphone security.

I give this project an A: It solves a real problem that many people have, they did the research and understand the market. They a real PR person to help them deal with media, although the creator is a TV producer who already has those skills.

Here is what Michael says about hitting the goals: Once we hit our goal, we will immediately begin production. Anyone who has the “I WANT IT NOW” reward should get their case within two weeks of the close of the campaign. All other rewards are expected to ship by Fall 2014 – we will shoot out frequent updates to all supporters so that you are in the loop at all times.

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