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iPad Mini Retina Case from Saddleback Review

Saddleback Leather is a Fort Worth, Texas company which offers a 100 year warranty on every sold product. Their goal?

iPad Mini Retina Case from Saddleback

To love people around the world by making excessively high quality leather designs.

Received from Saddleback Leather;

1 iPad Mini Retina Case

The iPad Mini Retina Case is available in four colors, as are most of Saddleback Leather's goods. We chose chestnut.

This is an excellent piece and weighs just a hair over half a pound and secures well with only a single strap. It opens on the longer sides for easy navigation and protects your mini iPad from scratches, drops and shock. It's also designed to be able to tote about in a single palm.

This piece brings old world charm to new world technology. It's a great look!

You may get yours here. It retails for $98.00.

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