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iPad, iPod touch big deals, plus new iPhone 6 leak

iPad, iPod touch big deals, plus new iPhone 6 leak
iPad, iPod touch big deals, plus new iPhone 6 leak
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

The iPad Air, Apple's current version of the iPad, is priced at Apple retail and online stores at $499.00. But thanks to big deals at stores, like Target and MicroCenter, consumers can get the cutting-edge iPad, for a lot less than the $499.00 Apple standard price, according to an April 14 report in GottaBeMobile.

Big iPad deals are pretty common with prices well below the official $499.00 Apple price. Starting Monday, April 13, for example, consumers can get an iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi model at Target for just $449.00 (after receiving a free Target $50.00 gift card at purchase time) in a deal that saves consumers $50.00 off the regular price. The 16 gigabytes refer to the storage capacity of the iPad. Wi-Fi refers to the way the iPad connects to a network.

A free $50.00 Target gift card brings the price of the iPad Air 32GB Wi-Fi version down to just $549.00, in a nice deal for consumers that offer the biggest discount on the iPad Air this year by Target. These deals include iPad mini with Retina Display.

The iPad mini with Retina Display 16 GB Wi-Fi version is just $349.00, after a free Target gift card. The iPad mini boasts a 7.9-inch display while the larger iPad Air display is 9.7-inches. What's more, the same free $50.00 gift card deal, which essentially drops every Apple iPad by $50.00, applies to the cellular versions of both the iPad mini with Retina Display and the iPad Air.

A cellular version of the iPad can be used anywhere like you would use a cell phone. A Wi-Fi iPad version can only be used at home or near a Wi-Fi “hotspot," as at a train station, an office, retail store, or a coffee house like Starbucks.

The iPod touch is also included it this week's deals at Target. A 32GB iPad touch (Generation 5), for example, is only $265.00 after a free $30.00 Target gift card.

While consumers take advantage of big deals like these on Apple's iconic iPad and iPod touch devices, the calendar continues to bring consumers closer to June 2, On this date at the WWDC, Apple will reveal the capabilities of the upcoming iOS 8, which will run on iPhone 6 (plus compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices).

An iPhone 6 mold has been leaked and posted on the website“" The mold, apparently revealed by a worker at Foxconn, seemingly detail the dimensions of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6, which is rumored to be released sometime during the third quarter of this year with a 5.5-inch version coming in the fourth quarter.

The nature of the mold suggests that Apple will again use aluminum for the case of iPhone 6, not the space-age “LiquidMetal” that Apple plans on using at some point. One of the significant differences between aluminum and “LiquidMetal” is that aluminum is milled into shape and “LiquidMetal” gets poured into molds, which then harden into shape.

Interestingly, plans and a casting mold for an iPhone that is 4.7-inches has also been posted to the Chinese site “Weibo," according to “The Telegraph”. Rumors that describe the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 sizes are very consistent. Leaks also consistently suggest that the “Power” button on the iPhone 6 will be moved to the side and, like the upcoming iPad Air 2 will have cutting-edge camera, processor and memory capabilities.

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