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iPad, iPhone apps to become the center of home life

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Apple will announce on June 2 that the giant iPad, iPhone company plans on making the iPad and iPhone the center of an Internet-connected household, according to a May 27 report in the “Washington Post." An Internet-connected household is said to be part of the Internet of Things.

The iPad and iPhone can do many things besides making phone calls and playing games. Through apps like “iBookstore” and “YouTube” the iPad and iPhone can be used to enjoy content; through apps like “Pages” and “Numbers” both the iPad and iPhone can be used to create content. But what if, besides viewing and creating content, the iPad or iPhone became the central hub for controlling the devices in your home?

When arriving home late at night and before you open the front door, you could, for instance, tap an app so the lights go on in your home. Or, if you are warm, you could reach for your iPad or iPhone to turn on the AC rather than getting up and walking over to the control mounted on the wall.

When home devices connect like this they are said to be part of the Internet of Things. On June 2, at WWDC 2014, Apple is expected to announce that iOS 8 will have the capability to control future home devices.

Currently, there are free iPad, iPhone apps in the App Store that allow users to control certain household systems, like “Serenit-e." Free apps like “Serenit-e” give users a glimpse of what the future holds. But apps like these are in the future.

A free iPad, iPhone app worth downloading today is “Write On Video”--a free iPad and iPhone app that lets users add stickers, notes, annotations and much more to videos, slide shows and photos. “Write On Video” is an easy way to spice up any video, slide show or photo.

For example, a user could take a photo of an infant grandchild sleeping peacefully and then, using this app, add a Thought Bubble filled with a balloon and gingerbread man, indicating happy dreams. Or, a professional, like a teacher, could use this app to add annotations to slides, suggesting important points to remember. A family on vacation might want to add Speech Bubbles to highlight amusing events that occurred.