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iPad coming on April 3rd, first commercial launches during the Oscars

We heard last week that the iPad launch had been a wee bit delayed. It was just a few days since the original timeline Apple quoted was "end of March" for the launch date. Then last week they announced that it would launch on April 3rd. Well I would say that is officially official today after the launch of the first ever iPad commercial which aired during the widely watched Oscars. There had been reports that Steve Jobs was spotted on the red carpet earlier in the day. Now we know why.

It's simple, but intriguing and shows several of the things that the iPad can do. Watch below.


  • @miratorres - SF Beauty Examiner 5 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for the video. The Ipad really looks appealing. Also, clever marketing by the Apple gang!

  • Tracy Cook 5 years ago

    I want one really REALLY badly! I have a touch, that I would have surgically implanted if I could. I'm addicted. Completely, 100% apple-ized.

    I'd sell body parts to get the next great thing....anyone have extra body parts they don't need? ;)

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