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iPad Air, iPhone 5c and more high-tech Valentines Day gift ideas

High-tech products like iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and other high-tech devices make welcome gifts. The Valentines Day season is an ideal time to buy tablets and other high-tech devices that were newly introduced in time for the Christmas holidays, as most prices fall after the holidays. So here's a Valentine's Day guide with some ideas for high-tech Valentines gifts.

Tablets and smartphones make great gifts and this is a good time to buy them.
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One tech gift example, suggested Jan. 29 on, is a universal battery charging device for smartphones costing $65. More examples appear on, where Verizon Wireless suggests the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Google Chromecast, and Beats Audio speakers in the Verizon 2014 Valentines Day Gift Guide.

iPad Air is Apple's latest and greatest tablet, regularly $499 for the base version with 16 gigabytes of storage and Wifi-only connectivity. It sold for $50 off last weekend at Best Buy; watch for more reductions in upcoming weeks.

iPad Mini Retina Display was offered for about $200 at Target and Walmart as a Black Friday door-buster during Thanksgiving week. Look for low prices again in the near future.

iPhone 5c: News stories indicate the brightly colored iPhone has sold less robustly than Apple planned so look for deals in upcoming weeks. Best price we saw so far was a free iPhone 5c with new 2-year commitment for phone service. Both Target and Best Buy offered the $0 prices during the December holiday season. Look for these low prices again soon.

Google Nexus 7 tablet costs about $220 and went for $200 on Black Friday at Walmart. The specs are similar to iPad's and this is a far lower price. If your Valentine would like a good tablet that uses the Android operating system, consider this one.

Conclusion: There are bargains to be had in time for Valentines Day giving and the low prices from Black Friday may reappear for inventory that remains on the shelves post-Christmas. Valentines Day is a great time to buy tech gear.

Check this article for advice about Target's recent data security breach.

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