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iPacking app is for both vacationers and business travelers

If you are packing for your next trip, you need iPacking

Packing for that summer vacation or your next business trip?

There's an app for that.

It's the new iPacking app from Nexti, Inc.

The subtitle for this app is "Easy Trip Packing List."

This new iPacking app alows users to create, customize, save and even print one, or more packing lists, right from their iPhone.

The app will even walk you through each item you need to pack is a fast and simple manner.

iPacking has been written up by both and assorted downloaders around the web, and now I'm a fan.

Per iPacking, here are some of the special features:

- A great "Pack Now" option to help users efficiently complete their packing list, while they use simple and intuitive gestures to navigate through each item.
- A database of over 340 possible travel items, plus the option to add an unlimited number of items.
- A database of various travel templates – such as camping, business trip, and so on – that can be customized to fit each user’s current and future requirements.
- The ability to create an unlimited number of lists and categories to easily manage the packing duties for any kind of trip -- whether it’s across the city, or on the other side of the world.
- A handy filter to see items that are packed or unpacked.
- Social integration to share packing lists with family, friends and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter or email, so they can confirm that the packing list is complete.
- An “Unpack All” option for travelers who are essentially repeating the same trip, and want to ensure that they take the same items.

“Whether someone is heading out on a business trip, taking a vacation with their family going camping, or getting ready for a road trip adventure, iPacking makes the packing experience faster, simpler, more accurate, and more fun!” says Sean Lee of Nexti Inc. “There’s no limit to the app’s functionality, and users who give it a try will soon be wondering how they ever managed before!”

iPacking – Easy Trip Packing List is a new travel preparation app for both personal and business travelers.

It is available now in the App Store at It works great on iOS7 and currently available in English, with Japanese and German.

It doesn't matter how many, or which piece of luggage you carry, iPacking will give you the help you need. Overpackers can also benefit from this app as you might now know what to leave behind.

Get the app now and get packing.

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