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Iowa to become the 41st "shall issue" state


  • SeanCYoung 6 years ago

    What does this have to do with Wisconsin gun rights?

  • notpurfect 6 years ago

    Good for them. The double headed horror of Wisconsin and Illinois are now the only midwestern safe haven for violent criminals. With the exit of violent crime proponent doyle, Wisconsin will belatedly join the free states.

  • Robert 6 years ago

    Welcome to America Iowa. Now we only have nine other states to bring into America once again but you may have to invade california to free the indebted slaves, I mean taxpayers. Once again rational thinking prevails and that is nice to see. But don't be surprised if the issuance of permits drops off after the newness wears off. Most poeple want the right to do it if they need it but they often decide their lives are not that dangerous and that is nice also. In the last 20 years I can only think a a few days, under 30 altogether, that I seriously thought I might need a permit but I wanted to have that right the whole time whether I chose to use it or not. Unfortunately being in California I was forced to rely on police that cannot protect citzens and denied that right. Cherish your right Iowa and congrats.

  • rk 6 years ago

    Actually this is only the beginning. CCW laws have swept the nation after CCW was originally outlawed by racist legislators following the civil war, but the deal with the Devil has been to accept de facto registration of gun owners. That's unacceptable, but so long as regulated, registered CCW is only a first step, that's OK.

    These CCW laws actually insinuated the government into MORE of our decisions. Now what needs to happen is what NH has always had, AK since 03 I believe, and AZ as of this year -- recognition that concealed carry is inherently no more dangerous than open carry, and that anyone who cares what the law says -- is probably law abiding anyway.

  • rk 6 years ago

    Anyone know how to reach Jeff Dege, who runs He's the one that created that gif that shows CCW spreading across the country, 1986-present. He updated it for AZ non-permit carry a couple weeks ago, but he hasn't updated it for this yet, and the contact links at the website are shut down due to spam.

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