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Iowa teen missing in storm drain recovered: Logan Blake's body found in lake

The body of an Iowa teen missing in a storm drain has now been found. Logan Blake, 17, went missing Monday night when flood waters swept him into a sewer. Though the family and searchers desperately hoped to find the teen alive, that was not the end result. NBC News shared the details on Tuesday.

An Iowa teen missing after being swept into a storm drain has since been found
Screencap via video

Logan Blake, the Iowa teen missing in the storm drain, was found at around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. His body was recovered from Cedar Lake, about 75 yards from the shore. He was in about three feet of water, about a mile down from where he had been swept into the sewer drain on Monday. The fire department champlain, Dr. Jim Coyle, told the media, “The family is very grateful for all the volunteers who have come here... unfortunately, it was not a good result today.”

Blake had been playing Frisbee with a couple of friends Monday evening near an elementary school. He apparently went to retrieve a Frisbee and he got swept up by the water that had fallen during some heavy storms earlier in the day. About 5 inches of water had fallen in the area that day, causing powerful currents with the deep water near the drain.

One friend, David Bliss, tried to pull Logan out of the water, but he got pulled into the drain as well. He was found about a mile down the pipe and did not have any serious injuries. Another friend was able to get help quickly by flagging down a car and calling 911.

USA Today notes that the rescue efforts utilized more than 100 volunteers and first responders, who searched tirelessly from the time the teen went missing until the time he was found. A boat using sonar finally found the Iowa teen missing in the storm drain. The community now mourns the loss of Logan Blake, a teen who seemingly was well-loved by all who knew him.

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