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Iowa teen missing in storm drain found dead: Raging water swept body over a mile

Iowa teen swept into storm drain by rushing water did not survive. His body was found in Cedar Lake on Tuesday afternoon, the day after he went into that storm drain.
Iowa teen swept into storm drain by rushing water did not survive. His body was found in Cedar Lake on Tuesday afternoon, the day after he went into that storm drain.
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The body of 17-year-old Logan Blake has been found the day after he was swept into a storm drain along with another teen, while they were retrieving a Frisbee on the grounds of an Iowa elementary school. While Blake remained missing overnight, his friend David Bliss was carried by the turbulent water through a mile and a half of the sewer pipe and dumped into Cedar Lake, according to MSN News on July 1.

Bliss managed to swim to shore and walk to a local hospital. He is being hailed for his heroic deed of trying to save his friend when he saw that he was in trouble, according to NBC News today. Sadly his efforts were not successful, but he was lucky to come out of this ordeal alive.

Blake’s body was found by the fire department, who was searching Cedar Lake in a boat. His body was found about 75 feet from shore in about three feet of water at about 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon. The Blake family never gave up hope for finding their son alive as he was a strapping young man, who was very athletic and they thought for sure that he would survive the ordeal like his friend Bliss.

Blake, Bliss and a third friend were playing Frisbee in a field near a Cedar Rapids elementary school when the thrown Frisbee landed near the rushing water, which was the run-off from storms that afternoon. The sewer systems underneath Cedar Rapids were overwhelmed with storm water and the water rushed into the storm drain at a face pace.

Blake went after the Frisbee first, but Bliss followed to help once seeing Blake was in trouble. When the water took Blake into the storm drain, Bliss also became sucked into the current and followed him down the drain. The third friend ran for help after he helplessly watched his two friends get swept away.

The fire department, Cedar Rapids Police, volunteers and rescue units from nearby towns worked through the night trying to locate Blake, still calling it a rescue mission, not a recovery mission. Blake’s body was finally located the next day in the lake about a mile from where he went into the storm drain.

Blake’s body was transported to the state medical examiner who will determine the teen’s cause of death. The storm drain that the two teens were sucked into did not have a grate. If it had this would not have happened.

Director of Cedar Rapids Public Works Department, Craig Hanson, said the drain that the teens were swept into had been there for decades and they have never had any problems with the drain before this. The scariest part of the drain’s location is that it is outside a field of the elementary school.

Hanson said to the city’s knowledge the drain has never had a grate. The reason it is without a grate is because “fears that it would clog and flood the neighbor. The city “probably will review the safety of its system” now that the drain has claimed a life.

The opening has to be fairly large as Bliss is described as a teen who has a normal size build for his six-foot-one frame. If the water swept him into the drain without any problem, a child of elementary school age would easily fit through the opening. This sounds like it could be a very dangerous situation after a storm.

Bliss is in the hospital after his ordeal, it is reported he had “non-life threatening injuries.” A friend went to visit him on Monday night and said he remained very quiet and was worried about his friend, who had not yet been found at that time.

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