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Iowa teen missing storm drain: 17-year-old missing boy swept away by flood water

An Iowa teen is one missing boy swept away by a storm drain this week following floodwaters forming from heavy rains. Cedar Rapids police officials are looking in the area’s massive sewer system in the hopes of finding 17-year-old Logan Blake, who is believed to have been sucked in by the storm waters on his way home. The CS Monitor reports this Tuesday, July 1, that the teen’s family and friends are “hopeful” he may be found now that the majority of the extreme weather has passed this afternoon.

Iowa teen missing after a storm drain swept him away in water
Wikimedia Commons

Having determined that this is still a rescue mission and not a recovery assignment, the Iowa teen missing storm drain search has resumed this week. Police officials are under the impression that the 17-year-old male was quite literally swept under into a drain system, unable to break free of the powerful suction force and waters in the flash flood. Logan went missing on Monday evening; the teen was last seen with a friend not far from an elementary school.

The storm drain near the school is said to often contain “fast-moving water” that would have only been exacerbated by the flooding that occurred this week due to the heavy rains, winds, and extreme weather altogether. City public safety communication officials are still optimistic that the missing boy may be found, but they released a statement affirming that the search needs to be conducted “quickly.”

At this time, it is not certain how Blake might have gotten sucked into the large storm drain. However, United Press International News reveals that local officials suspect he might not have seen the ditch due to the rising waters, and by the time he fell in, it was too late. The search was put on a temporary hold last night due to the Midwestern storm becoming particularly violent, but it has swiftly started up again this Tuesday.

According to the press release, the missing Iowa teen was swept away into a sewer system that eventually drains into Cedar Lake. Fire Department crew members are working with police authorities to use a combination of manual search efforts and sonar tracking devices to search the drain system in tandem with the lake. In the chance that the boy is found within the massive body of water, a dive team has also been prepared.

Dozens of friends, family members, and volunteers are coming together to also inspect the pipe complex by foot as of this afternoon. According to one spokesperson, one branch of the storm drain channel empties out into an underground pipe immediately near the culvert entrance of the elementary school. It is also possible that the missing teen may be stranded somewhere along here.

Unfortunately, the longer amount of time that passes, the less likely the odds that Blake will be found alive. Due to the underground water current still being strong from the flood and only recently passed storm, rescuers have not been able to search a majority of the storm drain sewer system. At least one crew rescuer is using an advanced underwater camera to search for Blake in the off chance he was swept into one of the pipe’s intricate networks.

An unidentified friend that was present when the Iowa teen missing storm drain incident took place on Monday evening said he was almost sucked down by the powerful current too, and though he tried to help his buddy, he was unable to do so in time. It is hopeful that the 17-year-old male will be found soon — and be found alive.

"Everyone is trying to remain optimistic that it is a rescue mission," concluded the police official.

"He's a strong kid, a very athletic kid," commented Logan’s father, who is determined this rescue mission will prove successful. "He's got a strong will. We have every faith in the world that he's hooked on and waiting for the current to slow down."

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