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Iowa House gives gun silencers a shot

Gun enthusiast in Iowa may be silenced
Gun enthusiast in Iowa may be silenced
Survival News Online

Reported yesterday, Feb. 28, Iowa House voted to decriminalize gun silencers.

House File, 2381 aims to amend Iowa's current criminalization for firearm suppressors. Currently the state law defines any gun that is muffled or silenced when shot as a vile weapon. And the shooter of a vile weapon can be "guilty of a class D felony".

Apparently the new bill would allow "any person, trust, corporation, or other entity" allowed to own and use a vile weapon, as long as they have followed the federal law for "compliance and regulation".

The House voted 83-16 Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa. Of course those who are looking to posses such an item would still need to file the appropriate paperwork under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

If Iowa passes this bill, the state will join the other 39 states, which have passed state laws allowing private citizens to own and use a gun silencer. Of the 39 states, 29 allow silencers for hunting, while 2 states allow varmint hunting, according to the American Silencer Association.

One main supporter, Rep. Matt Windschiti said, the bill basically covers the health protections of shooters, and allows them their rights to protect their hearing. But not everyone agrees.

Rep. Mary Mascher said, gun enthusiasts already have the choice to protect their hearing health with purchasing decibel defying headsets. She has a point -- why make it easier to "provide a new degree of intimacy for a mass murderer."

Apparently other states have been diligently working on the same kind of bills. No need to worry, the ASA continues to keep a nice record of all the states looking to pass similar legislation, which can be found on their twitter account.

Windschiti also said, he believes the bill dives deep into the heart of matter, which is expanding "the freedom and liberty Iowans deserve."

But the question remains, how much more will state and federal gun safety laws be stripped from U.S. citizens who have a right to public safety?

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