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IoT: The Internet of Things

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Comcast helps shape Colorado’s innovation story

What’s a big challenge for modern society these days? Fulfilling the day without technology, devices or the Internet. With an abundance of technology devices across a wide range of networks, one rising problem is the isolated ecosystems these devices still live within.

Comcast, among many other participants at the 2014 Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) Summit in Denver, addressed the problem by offering one solution: digital connectivity.

It seems so simple, but with the proliferation of connected devices continuing to grow, multiple manufacturers and operating systems don’t always work well together. From washing machines to FitBits, the variety of technology filling more than 20 million homes across America is vast.

Comcast is dedicated to being a leader in addressing these challenges by broadly deploying its assets, technology and innovations. And to take action, they placed six innovative brains in a highly visible, 16-by-16 foot glass “Xfinity Innovation ThinkTank” to help tell Colorado’s innovation story to the world at the COIN Summit. What’s the next step for the Internet of Things? Making it much more organized and seamless, so the average household can benefit from the opportunities that result in an easy-to-navigate, digitally connected home.

Comcast is also excited to be involved in this innovation in Colorado. "The State of Innovation: Colorado's 2014 Report" found out about the potential for technological growth and business opportunities in the state:

  • Colorado ranks among the highest of its peer group states for both job creation and startup activity.
  • Colorado companies are doing well at obtaining federal grants; however, they need to improve their ability to attract interest from the venture capital community.
  • Colorado continues to have a highly educated workforce, and has experienced an increase in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) degree attainment.
  • Colorado has been successful in undertaking new research and translating that research into new findings with commercial potential.

Participating in the COIN Summit was one of many steps Comcast is taking to foster innovation through connectivity. To learn more about Comcast’s innovative ideas for the future, please visit