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iOS 8 news, leaked photos appear as new 'iWatch' app is revealed

iOS 8 news, leaked photos appear as new 'iWatch' app is revealed
Photo by Ken Ishii

iOS 8 news and leaked photos are appearing more frequently the closer June 2 approaches. The beta download of iOS 8 will start in just 40 days, right after the iOS 8 presentation, according to an April 23 report in GottaBeMobile.

June 2 is the date of the keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2014) in San Francisco. Apple uses the annual WWDC to showcase Apple's new software for developers and to provide training sessions for them. In the past, Apple has unveiled iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7 during this conference's keynote speech—and there is every reason to think this trend will continue.

While the unveiling of beta iOS 8 will probably be on June 2, iOS 8 will probably become available in the fall after Apple squashed the bugs in it. First iOS 8 will probably be available as a free update to iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, plus iPad Air, iPad mini and older devices before appearing on the new iPhone 6. Again, this has been Apple's past approach to iOS launches and it seems almost certain that Apple will maintain this approach.

Many credible leaks point to iOS 8 focus on health and fitness apps. Apple laid the groundwork for these apps when Apple installed the M7 motion processor in iPhone 5s and iPad Air. “The New York Times” reported in January that according to the Food and Drug Administration's public calendar, Apple executives met with F.D.A officials to discuss medical apps.

Many different sources suggest that the iOS 8 fitness and health apps will center on the application called or codenamed “Healthbook.” This app will be able to monitor a person's vital signs like heart rate, track exercise and weight loss, and remind individuals to take their medications plus lots more. Many of these various sources suggest that “Healthbook” is tied into the long rumored Apple “iWatch” since the sensors in the iPhone alone cannot monitor vital signs like heart rate.

Now comes an alleged source named Omar Sharif (unlikely to be his real name), who released a screen shot of what he claims is iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5s. This screen shot shows the icon for the “Healthbook” app, in addition to icons for “TextEdit," “Preview” and a stand-alone “iTunes Radio," all of which have also been repeatedly mentioned by credible bloggers in previous leaks.

“TextEdit” and “Preview” are OS X Mavericks apps (the current version of the operating system for Mac computers) that support cloud documents. Placing these apps on iOS 8 will increase integration between iOS and OS X. Observers believe that Apple wants to make “iTunes Radio” a free stand-alone application to better compete with “Spotify," “Beats Music” and similar music streaming apps.

But the screen shots also shows an icon for “Watch Utility” adding to the rumors that this is the year that Apple finally releases its “iWatch." Also adding weight to these “iWatch” rumors is the fact the Nike has announced that it will no longer make wearable hardware like “FuelBand." Instead, Nike is focusing on developing apps only. Since the “FuelBand” app is only available at Apple's App Store, observers wonder if Nike is preparing the way for an iOS 8 “FuelBand” app to be integrated with Apple's “iWatch."

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