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iOS 7.1 update delivers random reboot fix, minor changes to iTunes, Siri and UI

iOS 7.1 includes random reboot fix and minor changes to the user interface
iOS 7.1 includes random reboot fix and minor changes to the user interface
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With the iOS 7.1 update now available for download, iPhone and iPad owners who experience random reboots can now rejoice. When iOS 7.1 was in its version beta 4 stage, Apple released a statement about the random reboot bug in January, promising a fix. The fix comes in the form of the latest software refresh, the first major one since Apple first released iOS 7 last year.

The iOS 7.1 update addresses the issue known as the “black screen of death” or “white screen of death, depending on the iDevice. The problem is said to affect iPhone 5S, iPad mini with Retina display and iPad Air users running iOS 7. Available via iTunes or over-the-air, as The Verge reports (March 10), the long awaited update also brings along minor user interface changes and new features.

User Interface

iPhone owners will notice a rounded element redesign of the phone’s dialer and power down features. With the iOS 7.1 update, the incoming call interface is also revamped. There are now “Decline” and “Answer” buttons under the “Remind Me” and “Message” selections. TouchID is also more responsive and snappy with the latest update tweak.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio in iOS 7.1 features a search field above Featured Stations for a more customized listening experience. Users can easily create stations based on favorites songs and artists using the search feature. Subscribing to iTunes Match is possible through iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Signing up removes the ads from iTunes Radio.


The new iOS 7.1 update also adds a manual control option for Apple’s Siri feature. Holding down the home button while speaking lets the user now control when Siri listens.


CarPlay is an additional feature that accompanies the latest iOS 7 update. Defined as an “IOS experience designed for the car”, it supports Phone, Music, Maps, Messages and third-party audio apps. “CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use iPhone in the car,” Apple said on it’s official site.

iOS 7.1 is optimized to run faster on older model iDevices including iPhone 4, iPad 2 and third gen iPad. For a full list of the new features and enhancements of the iOS 7.1 update, check out Apple’s official changelog.

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