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IOS 7.1 – Nice Updates

So, iPhone recently had an update to IOS 7. Whenever something new comes out, I am the kind of person who waits awhile before rushing to get it. Call me old fashioned, but I like to sit back and wait for the responses and potential fallout.

A few weeks ago, I decided to push the button, and apply the latest updates for my iPhone, and to my surprise, I was pleasantly surprised. At first, there didn’t appear to be anything significant than the past updates…just maybe address some buggie code or performance issues. I really didn’t notice too much of anything, until after I received a phone call.

I immediately noticed the difference in how a phone call comes in. The call recipient is presented with several options to choose from in order to take the call: to answer the call, decline the call, message the caller instead, or to remind you to call the caller back at a later time. That was not only a nice feature, but a very practical one at that. Bravo.

Another update that was notable was with the calendar. Since I am an avid calendar user, the enhanced features for calendaring were great. I especially like the way you can toggle between the current time view of the calendar and the entire day and next day, which also allows you to view other entries in other calendars like your Gmail account.

As I expected, there were some notable enhancements to overall performance to phone operations and speed. In general, I believe that iPhone users were pleased with the results of the IOS updates. And with Samsung constantly making updates to their Smartphone’s, Apple will have to keep a close watch on what that company may have in store for the latest updates to their phones.

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