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iOS 7.1 has been released with some great updates and additions

Apple, today, released iOS 7.1. It is time to say hello to some great new features, most wanted which include a few UI tweaks, Car Play and the end of the annoying spontaneous reboot. This was tested on an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 5th generation as well as an iPad 2. In fact, one feature found to be true is that it appears to be a faster running iOS on the two older pieces of hardware

The main UI changes and tweaks, can be found in the dialer (phones only) and power off features. The visuals have a more rounded appeal. Also, there are separate decline and accept buttons. That is not all though. There are some (some may call minor) other tweaks that are quite pleasing. They include keyboard Improvements and also changes to the notification center where you can clear them with more accuracy. Shuffle and repeat buttons are larger in the music app as well.

Other UI tweaks are fairly minor, including a slight music app refresh with prominent repeat and shuffle icons, and the option to disable wallpaper motion when selecting an image. iOS 7.1 also includes improvements to the keyboard interface, making the shift and delete keys easier to see. Perhaps the best visual tweak in iOS 7.1 is a change to the Notification Center, which appears to allow you to clear notifications more accurately.

iOS 7.1 also includes support for Apple’s new CarPlay feature which is said to utilize Siri voice commands and prompts, providing an true hands free/eyes on the road option to respond to incoming calls, dictate text messages, or access your music library from a vehicle. Apples website shows that it is currently available on 2014 models from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, with other manufactures following suit.

Your listening pleasure in iTunes Radio has also been upgraded. It is allowing you to search within featured stations and as well as giving you an easier time in creation of custom stations. One other new feature now is that Apple lets people subscribe to iTunes Match right from their device. You will no longer have to do it through iTunes on the desktop.

Another cool change has to do with Siri. You still activate it by holding down the home button, but if you keep holding it down, it eliminates the pause.

This latest update is available immediately. The download and subsequent install took about an hour on each aforementioned device.

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