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Iodine deficiency linked to diabetes critical to thyroid and hormones

Did you know the thyroid is supposed to contain all of the iodine you need? And that iodine is necessary to formulate and govern your hormones which govern and rock your entire body. Mere table salt used to fortified with iodine to make sure everyone got there daily intake. The magical mineral is key to our ozone layer and oceans.

When an iodine deficiency is what you are dealing with Your hormones run next to non-existent, you know the ones that keep your hair shiny, your skin supple, (your fertility decreases without it, still birth and miscarriage rise and your libido drops), and your vitality exuberant. It may also stunt growth, produce a coarser voice, fetuses grow slower producing birth defects, and the brain may grow slower producing abnormality and your intellectualism, not to mention your memory is stunted. All newborns are tested for it and all pregnant women should be taking maternity vitamins daily. Goiter is one sign of iodine deficiency. At one time in the history of the United States, it was very prevalent in the northern parts due to depleted soils and lack of access to seafood and dairy-lack of refrigeration.

Why is iodine good for diabetics Elemental iodine contains antiseptic, antifungal pathogens. When ingested it goes throughout the body and it will kill and destroy any unhealthy bacteria. What the doctors won’t tell you is that an unhealthy pancreas is usually caused by a fungus. Destroy the fungus and bring back the health to your pancreas. When scientists want to give diabetes to lab mice they shoot fungal spores into them.

From Orthiodossupplementation, Dr. Jorge Fletchas iodine expert, relates the story of a 320-pound woman who came into the emergency room with high blood sugar 1,380 mg/dl. She was started on insulin and instructed on how to use a home glucometer, two to five times a day and was told she had FBD. In two weeks she was to return to the doctor’s office for a checkup to see how her insulin levels were doing. She was told to take 50 mg of iodine daily, 4 pills. She called Dr. Fletchas one week later and requested to drop insulin dosage due to symptoms of hypoglycemia, and was told to keep monitoring her levels.

Four weeks later she downloaded her glucometer to the doctor which showed she now had a blood sugar of 98. Dr. Fletcher called in her for another checkup and praised her for her efforts to keep her weight down and keeping her sugars down. To which the woman told the doctor she had come off the insulin three weeks earlier and wasn’t taking anything to control her insulin. When she was asked what she thought the control of her insulin use was contributed to she replied “the use of iodine.” Two years and seventy-pounds later she continues to take 4 tablets of iodine and controls her glucose count. Fletchas has since then conducted research showing 50-100 mg and the results are the same. Out of all of the patients only two patients needed 3 medications and iodine to control their levels and one patient takes two medications and iodine.

Watch the important video from Dr. Fletchas.

Iodine rich foods

  • Sea vegetables,
  • scallops,
  • cod,
  • yogurt,
  • shrimp,
  • sardines,
  • salmon,
  • cows milk,
  • eggs,
  • tuna.

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