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Inviting love into your home isn't always so easy

Pacific parrotlet
Pacific parrotlet
Claire J.

Many bird owners will swear by the love their birds have, but many usually forget about the mountains that they have overcome to get to that point. The perspective of a new bird owner is far from the perspective of a veteran bird owner. Daily cage cleaning, and loud shrieking of a needy Cockatoo is a routine for some people, and a complete migraine for others. There is no way of knowing how much a person can put up with when they first come into ownership of a bird.

Patience is a virtue that is in high demand when it comes to owning exotic pets. It is in many ways very similar to parenting. If you are looking at taking on a real challenge of a pet, you'd do best to be madly in love with that type of pet. Taking pride in your pets is is a wonderful benefit for all pet owners.

Just remember to always do your fair share of research before making what may be a life changing decision. No major decision should be made on a whim.