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Help your Father in heaven; invite someone to paint with you
Help your Father in heaven; invite someone to paint with you

Living the Evangelical life-

Our grandson who is now a toddler, has come up with these games; one is educational and the other fun. In the first, he points to some part of his face and waits for you to name it. Sometimes he will point to your eye or nose or ear as well; sometimes he will alternate. The other game is when he will come up to you, get your attention and then turn around and leave; this is his sign for wanting you to chase him. He gets a lot of delight out of that.

One thing both these activities have in common is that he is inviting you to interact with him. From a child, this is no small compliment. Actually, an invitation to participate from any source is no small compliment; think of what it says to the recipient:

• You’re needed or desired

• You’re valuable

• I trust you

Likewise, God has invited us to join Him in His activities; showing mercy, loving justice, the restoration of the world and each other. And despite His omnipotence, that invitation conveys the same message to us; we are desired, valuable, and trusted. This is not because we have any special qualification, but because He has decreed it, and gave His son to live within us that we may be needed, valued, and trusted.

What are we supposed to do now? A son does what he sees his father doing and we need to do that, inviting others to participate in our lives. We also need to invite God to participate in our lives. First, by living within us, and then living through us. Invite Him, and then invite others.

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