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Invitation issued to visit Publishers Clearing House HQ: A 1 in a billion chance

Publishers Clearing House Executive Vice President Deborah Holland is hoping the PCH Super Prize winner on April 30, 2014 will want to visit PCH headquarters.
PCH Blog

Have you ever wanted to take a look at the behind-the-scenes activity at Publishers Clearing House, where millionaires are made? Publishers' Executive Vice President Deborah Holland says it is possible, but on April 3 she posted on her PCH Facebook account that you will need to be the one to win the April 30 "Set for Life" Super Prize in order to get that invitation this month. And the odds of winning that prize are one in one billion and 300 million (1,300,000,000).

Winning $7,000 a week for the rest of your life would make anyone want to visit the place where it all started, as that is $364,000 a year in free money. And getting to see all the people at the company's headquarters would be interesting to say the least, and quite fascinating from a writer's point of view. After all, you could see the day-to-day things that go on in order to keep the direct marketing company running so smoothly and so profitably.

Publishers Clearing House headquarters in Port Washington, NY has to be one of the most intriguing places you could go if you are into entering sweepstakes, as the employees at that particular company and location have enjoyed giving out millions to a lot of folks across the country. What stories they must have to tell, right?

For example, PCH's Executive VP Deborah Holland won the Hall of Fame award in the Direct Marketing Association in 2011. So you know talking to her would be an interesting conversation, not least of which would be due to the fact that the DMA Hall of Fame only honors direct marketing professionals whose outstanding career contributions have contributed to the practice, growth and stature of the direct marketing community. And we all know how well a job Holland has done to help make and keep Publishers a household name, so it would be icing on the cake to learn her professional secrets of success.

But what about the trio prize patrol group Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane? You know they've seen a lot of exciting action in their day when it comes to winning moments. What stories they could tell about how they plot to catch each winner at home--at just the right time. And what they really do while they wait on those who aren't there.

And think about the people behind the company's online PCH dot com effort, like the tech savvy employees who create all those games, sweepstakes entry forms and lotto chances, which you get to play for free each day. I bet they could share some interesting stories about how they do what they do, and what is in store for gamers in the future.

Unfortunately, unless you win the $7000 a week for life super prize this April 30, 2014, you will never get to have those headquarter conversations with Deborah, Dave, Danielle, Todd and all the other employees at PCH. Unless of course the winner decides to agree to be interviewed and share all they learned during their trip. And that hasn't really happened in great detail in the past, despite the fact that in 1988 Holland says that the company brought their $1 million dollar super prize winner Ann Bishop and her husband to New York for an all-expenses-paid weekend celebration, as well as a tour of the PCH HQ.

Ann Bishop has not been talking about that trip to the media in the years since, and even though the company has brought other winners to headquarters since then, too, only one has been very vocal about it. And that was Natalie Bostelman, who went on to become a PCH Ambassador with the company.

But now, 26 years after Ann Bishop won her super prize, fans of the company are still a little in-the-dark about what really happens at Publishers Clearing House headquarters, and only one person is going to get the chance to learn about it this month. Will it be you? Only if you follow Danielle Lam's advice, which is "You can't win if you don't enter."

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