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Invincible Iron Man #19: a must read!


Invincible Iron Man #19The culmination of a year of stories, this particular issue is the end of the World's Most Wanted arc of the Invincible Iron Man. And the ending has definitely lived up to the hype so far. As we've discussed once or twice in the past, the idea is that after 'letting' an alien invasion take place a bit back, Tony Stark was wanted for 'questioning' by the guy who took over his old job upon his being fired.

The only problem is that the guy who took over his old job is Norman Osborn, a guy who's crazier than a chihuahua barbecue - and managed to get said job through dumb luck. Those of you who read the various Spider-Man comics (or happened to see that movie Spider-Man had out a few years ago) know that Osborn has also moonlighted as the Green Goblin in the past so... you can imagine how this has gone.

While solidifying his new, surprise power base, Osborn wanted to collect the information Iron Man had on all the secret identities of all the super heroes that Stark had pressured into registering in the wake of the whole Civil War brou hah hah, but the problem was that all this information was inside his head. So Tony's been going around the world, erasing his brain one step at a time... and slowly getting dumber in the process.

His higher functions failing him one at a time, Stark has been stepping back into earlier and earlier suits of armor, until he arrived at his very first - the last his damaged brain could even minimally operate. It was in this suit that Osborn finally tracked down Tony Stark, and naturally the fight between the two was pretty one sided, since Osborn has developed his own suit (using stolen Stark data apparently) off the newer gear.

While things went very very badly for Tony Stark, his supporting cast managed to break out of the H.A.M.M.E.R. building (H.A.M.M.E.R. being the organization that replaced the organization that Stark used to run, S.H.I.E.L.D.), leaving us to wonder just how the man himself will extricate himself from being captured by his (currently) greatest enemy. After all, in the wake of his big fight with Osborn, the 'Iron Patriot', Tony has managed to destroy his mind.

So while he's lost, he kinda sorta won. This was a good ride from start to finish, the World's Most Wanted arc, brought to us by manic writer Matt Fraction. The only question now is where Iron Man can go from here, being a brain-dead lump of meat at the moment. Since there's another movie coming out soon, we'll be finding out soon enough, and it should be just as fun a ride if the last 19 issues are any indication.

Check this book out now - it just came out Wednesday!