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Invincible Iron Man #17: rushing towards the end


Invincible Iron Man #17 coverIf you're at all a fan of Iron Man, this is the series you need to be reading. Not just because it's now the only one he's currently got going, so much as it's actually very, very good. It fits into the continuity of the 'main' Marvel Universe but has the 'flavor' of the movie. Of course we haven't really talked about just who Tony Stark - the man inside the Iron Man suit - really is.

In the event that you've been reading his comic(s) for a while, or have seen the movie (and if you're a comic book fan, why haven't you?), you can skip this. Tony Stark was a rich industrialist who was captured by enemy forces, and when forced to build them a powerful weapon, instead built his first suit of powered combat armor. Using it to escape, he then went on to become a major hero, as Iron Man!

So now that you're up to speed, in case you weren't already, this particular issue of Invincible Iron Man sees Tony Stark continuing his efforts to erase his very mind before Norman Osborn can get a hold of him. He wants to do this because he has the secret identities of every hero in America that registered with the government - at his urging - stored in his head. Seemed like a good idea at the time, right?

As he does so though, his ability to pilot his Iron Man suits is degrading, and as a result he has to go to lesser and lesser versions of his suit. He's almost to the point of only being able to wield his original, gray armor now, and is having trouble doing basic things like spelling - he's knocking out his memories one bit at a time, you see. And it looks like he's on the last leg of his journey...

But now the bad guys are on to him, and he's in no real condition to fight anyone - or so it seems. Once he's in his first suit, Tony may be rushing headlong into his final fight - and it looks like Madame Masque (a crazy ex-girlfriend of his) may've killed Pepper Potts in the meantime. So yeah, Tony Stark and Iron Man are both being deconstructed in the extreme, which makes for a great tale.

It truly shows what he, as a character, is all about. The next issue should be coming out in a week or so, so hop onto this train while it's still running, or you'll miss the show. Besides, at only $2.99 a pop, it's a veritable comic book bargain these days!