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Investigators seek person who shot two wild burros and poached deer

Mule deer
Mule deer
AZ Game and Fish

Investigators are asking for help in finding the persons responsible for poaching a mule deer doe in Kaibab National Forest. The event took place near Williams on or around the evening of Jan 24.

“Poaching is not hunting, it’s stealing Arizona’s valuable wildlife resources,” said Unit 8 Wildlife Manager Mike Rice. “Without help from the public, we have little information or evidence to go on. It’s probable that the out of season doe was shot from the road. This was a blatant violation of laws in place to protect Arizona’s wildlife.”

Investigators are also seeking help in locating the person(s) responsible for shooting and killing two wild burros west of Castle Hot Springs Road in an area north of Phoenix. The shooting is estimated to have occurred on Jan 25, 2014. A hiker fond the bodies of two adult burros that had been shot to death.

“It is illegal and against the law to shoot burros,” said Pamela Mathis of the Bureau of Land Management. “This is punishable by $2,000 or a year imprisonment.”

It is a federal crime to hunt burros no matter where they live. Burros and horses are protected under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The Bureau of Land Management urges anyone with information to contact them at 1-800-637-9152.