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Investigation launched into Possible Scandal at Federal Brooklyn Prison

Last year, a former prison guard from Long Island made local news when she had a baby by a man she had been guarding. The man had been convicted of killing a police officer.

She was later sentenced to a year in prison, for having a relationship with an inmate that was considered illegal.

However, she later claimed that she had also had relationships with other inmates, as well as prison supervisors. These claims have now launched an investigation into the possible inappropriate relationships occurring at the federal prison.

It may not be a surprise to hear about a possible scandal such as this, especially since such relationships are not unheard of. But to hear about such an investigation going on is troubling, especially for people working in the prison system. Many prison guards put their lives on the line each day to protect our society from dangerous people.

Not every prison guard or person involved in the prison system conducts themselves in such a manner, and hopefully any kind of alleged corruption does come to an end so that our prison system continues to run efficiently and appropriately.

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