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Investigation instigated following photos of dog tied to a trailer

Photo sparks outrage on social media
Photo sparks outrage on social media
Viewer submitted to WBIR News

According to Monday's WBIR News, authorities in Knox County, Tenn., opened an investigation after photos of a dog, tied at the legs to a trailer, sparked outrage on social media.

The uproar began after images were taken while a vehicle pulling the trailer was stopped at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Grigsby Chapel Road in Farragut. The photos were posted to the WBIR Facebook page and they quickly began circulating on Facebook.

On August 10, WBIR News addressed the disturbing photos, which have been shared over 1,000 times, on their Facebook page:

Knox County Sheriff's Office confirmed it is investigating the photos below.

Dozens of you have contacted us, concerned about the dog's well being. We have chosen to blur the licence plate and face of the man in the photo because he has not been charged with a crime.

Later, Sheriff's deputies located the dog's owner and questioned him about what happened on the day that the photos of the dog were taken. The dog's owner advised the deputies that the dog had been inside of the vehicle, but was whining, so he was moved to the trailer.

At some point the dog's legs became tangled which made it appear that he was "hog-tied" to the trailer. The unidentified man told the authorities that the dog's legs were later freed from the tangled tether, but the dog was left on the trailer until the trek concluded.

Deputies ensured that the dog was uninjured after the ordeal and verified that the home environment showed nothing that would suggest abuse.

The family released a statement to WBIR News; they acknowledge that placing the dog on the trailer was "not the best choice," but they insist that the dog was never harmed and they have expressed concern over the threats which were posted after the photos began circulating on Facebook.

According to WBIR News, the sheriff's office has not yet concluded their investigation.

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