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Investigation continues; Kill list found at high school said to be 'inaccurate'

Thursday morning in Yuba City authorities were notified to investigate what was first thought to be a "kill list" at the local high school made by one of the students.

Investigations are still ongoing into the "kill lost" created by a fellow student at Yuba City High School
Fox News

The spokesman from the Yuba City high school stated the student responsible for creating the list was in fact evaluated and there was no reason to believe there was ever a credible threat to students whose names were listed.

The list was deemed a “terrorist threat” never the less.

Children form several classes were on the "kill list". All of the students who were on the list had a GPA of 4.2 or higher.

Mother of a student whose name was on the list describes "getting a voice mail that every parent dreads saying that someone had threatened her child and 24 others."

Gina Buckwalter describes, "being crippled with fear", after saying “I was informed it was a letter, that another student wanted to kill all 25 students on his list.”

Media personnel from FOX40 did speak with Yuba City Unified School District to gain more clarification on the situation as it was unfolding. The only disclosure the school was willing to offer was that they took "swift" action in the matter.

Superintendent of the Yuba City Unified School District, Nancy Aaberg, released a statement saying that; “A young man had made what we categorized as a terrorist threat, and the young man has been suspended.”

Buckwalter found out that the boy was 18 years old, and that he was not in the custody of law enforcement at that time. She later discovered he was in the custody of a local mental facility for evaluation.

Buckwalter's son said that “He told me today ‘I am done being nice to people. They just put you on a list and want to kill you."

She says her son is "shaken up" and "unable to sleep" after the incident.

Police have determined that the incident was isolated and that there is no threat to students. Still, there was added security and councilors on staff after the fact.

Now reports are coming in that the "kill list" was inaccurate.

The director of student welfare with the Yuba City School District, Bruce Morton, reports, "They are calling it a 'kill list' or a 'hit list,but it is not that."

Morton went on to confirm that the young man was in fact suspended due to threats that were made, and that he did produce a list.

The list was actually created under the care of a school councilor when they were working through some personal issues with the student. Whether or not councilors were aware of the list remains unknown.

Though the list is no longer believed to be a "school hit list" there is an ongoing investigation.

After Sandy Hook and school shootings becoming more and more a threat it is being taken very seriously. Multiple agencies are still looking into the surrounding circumstances and the real intentions that surround the list.

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