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Investigation begins into crash by Tony Stewart that killed Kevin Ward Jr.

Race car crash
Race car crash

There was shock among fans when Tony Stewart's car hit Kevin Ward Jr. and killed him at NASCAR. Stewart has stepped away from the track as an investigation of this incident begins reported The Denver Post on Aug. 10, 2014. The death of Ward was frightening and shook up fans.

After a collision wherein Ward's car spun around twice the 20 year old driver unbuckled himself, climbed out of his car into the deep darkness of the night and with defiance walked onto the track at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. This move could have been anticipated in a sport which centers around bravado. However, disaster was about to strike.

Ward gestured, making his disgust evident with the driver whom he felt triggered the wreck of his car with a bump, three-time NASCAR champion Stewart. Ward was almost hit by another passing car as he pointed with his right arm in Stewart's direction. Than as he confronted Stewart in his passing car disaster hit fast and hard.

While Ward was standing to the right of Stewart's car it appeared to fish tail from the rear and hit him. It is said that video and witness accounts painted a picture of Ward's body being sucked underneath the car and thrown through the air before he landed on his back as fans looked on in shock. Ward was killed instantly.

Stewart, who is considered one of the most proficient drivers in sports racing, dropped out of Sunday's NASCAR race at Watkins Glen just hours after the crash on Saturday. Authorities have opened up an investigation of the incident, but as of this time have not hit Stewart with any criminal charges. Stewart has clearly been shaken up by the crash.

ESPN has confirmed Stewart decided not to race in Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race after his car struck and killed Ward. Stewart says he has been very saddened by the accident that took the life of Ward. He says this is a very emotional time for everyone involved and that his thoughts and prayers are with the family of Ward. This really is a sad time for racing fans too.

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