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Investigate the ominous Oman House in May 2014

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Courtesy of David Oman

You have seen the stories of The Oman House and its haunt on many of the TV productions such as Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, Haunted History and this past February 15th on the Season 9 Premiere of Ghost Adventures. Here is your chance to come along on a real life ghost hunt at the Oman House…if you dare!

Come investigate the Oman House if you dare.
Courtesy of the Oman House

There will be two investigation /tours of the Oman House coming up for paranormal investigators in May 2014. Each ticket will be $145.00. Tour #1 is set for Friday, May 9, 2014 at 9:30 P.M. until 2:30 A.M. Tour #2 will be on Saturday May 10, 2014 at 9:30 P.M. until 2:30 A.M. The small investigation groups will be limited to 12 persons--each working under the supervision of a local host paranormal team.

If you are interested in coming along a real life ghost investigation of The Oman House —like the ones you see on TV but better, this is your opportunity! You will be notified of a location to park your vehicle and a shuttle bus will deliver you to the ominous site of The Oman House where you will experience the legends first hand.

Take a look at the videos shot at THE Oman House a few weeks ago on a Friday night at the first public investigation along with other footage shot at The Oman House. You will be impressed with what you see.

Click HERE to watch videos about the Oman House investigations.

Please feel free to bring your own paranormal investigative equipment. They ask that you do NOT bring a Frank's Box or Spirit Boxes in order to keep noise to a minimum. The staff will provide one to use. For those with limited Ghost Hunting experience, they will loan everyone a piece of equipment to use during the investigations. The friendly support staff will be happy to show you the basic techniques of ghost investigating.

There will be a base station where 14 infrared video cameras will be projected on a large screen monitor to show exactly what is going on in all parts of The Oman House. Guests will have the opportunity to investigate the home with one of the staff and do EVP sessions, and video the activity that is prominent within the walls of the home.

Guests can join the host investigation team of paranormal investigators/research group on the ghost hunt in The Oman House if desired. One of their mediums will be a part of the investigation team as well. The site will be covered with infrared cameras throughout the house. Rim pods and other devices to pick up the spirit activity will also be used within the house. Guests can come and be part of a group that will stay upstairs at the base station to work with the infrared video team watching the investigation.

The owner of the home, David Oman, is always on site to talk about his amazing experiences and answer your questions. Recently, this reporter had the opportunity to speak to Oman about the investigations/tours of the Oman House.

DB: David, what is your main purpose for opening up your home to paranormal investigators?

DO: There has been so many requests by the public and paranormal teams who want to come out to investigate the house that I felt it best to have it done in a controlled environment--one core team to lead the others on a actual investigation, share the experience, and document the findings.

DB: Do you have plans to do these investigations/tours on a regular basis?

DO: Yes, and no. So far we have done one or two each month depending on my availability and the interest of the public. We plan to do the periodically throughout the year as time permits.

DB: What is your best advice for guests who have never been to the Oman House before and might feel a bit hesitant in entering through the door?

DO: Just that there is really nothing to fear during the evening. Treat the spirits with respect and you will be blessed with a great experience during your stay. The Oman House is much like a "Disneyland for the Dead." Due to its location and construction materials, it acts as a huge bipole that attracts the various energies from the other side.

So, who is ready to encounter the Oman House ghosts? Remember, this event is very limited with only 12 spaces available on each tour. Don't delay!

Order your tickets here:

Friday Night Tickets

Saturday Night Tickets

Haunted Places Examiner: Debe Branning

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