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Investigate the Latest Mission Pack from the Secret World

New Secret World Investigation Mission Pack
New Secret World Investigation Mission Pack
Funcom Gmbh

Keeping with their constant content releases, the latest from the Secret World is four new investigation missions in their mission pack Sidestories: Further Analysis.

While the Secret World has some traditional kill and fetch quests in the early game, much of what makes TSW a true horror and detective game are the Investigation Missions. Rather than focus on combat, these missions involve finding obscure items, following markers and often will require the user to do research via Google using the handy in-game browser on topics from religion to decoding base64 text such as one of my personal favorite missions Signal Effect.

As always, new mission packs come with new mission pack rewards. The Inspector's Gadget is an epic gadget item that both buffs and heals, perfect for when you're gearing up in dungeons or participating in Nightmare mode versions. Gadget items in TSW are reusable items that stay within your character's inventory and have a set cooldown on use.

In addition, players who complete the mission will receive a Deep Mystery Box which contains a random chance of revealing additional epic items.

“The four new Investigation Missions offer fresh, deep and unique puzzles in New York, Egypt, Transylvania and more! Get new adventures from the crazy Dr. Aldini, the brave Tibor and Luminata, the trollish Mosul and the Orochi team leader Lisa Hui.”