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Investigate the haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse
St. Augustine Lighthouse
Photo by Jaeme Haviland

The St. Augustine Lighthouse will welcome back TAPS member and "Ghost Hunters International" paranormal pro Dustin Pari on January 22nd for an overnight investigation with the public. A few tickets are still available for an evening of supernatural study, beginning with a chance to meet Dustin and attend his presentation on ghost hunting techniques. A brief discussion session will follow. Also appearing will be fellow paranormal expert John Zaffis, who will offer a lecture on Demonology.

Ticket prices include a chance to travel to the lighthouse and investigate with Dustin and John into the early morning hours. The St. Augustine Lighthouse has become famous as the site where the "Ghost Hunters" team headed by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson filmed an amazing encounter with a shadowy spectre.

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  • Lisa 5 years ago

    I did this event a couple of years ago when Steve, Tango and Kristin came. It was a bit crowded to do a proper investigation but I experienced a couple of very interesting occurrences, including a flashlight turning on and off by request and a ghostly animal charging at us in the bushes. Very cool.