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Invest in you

How much do you invest in yourself?
How much do you invest in yourself?

Money, money, money, where does it disappear to? It may go to children, grandchildren, bills, gifts, entertainment, and the basic needs of life. How much do you invest in yourself?

Without a thought we use our money for all sorts of things, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, it takes the back burner. How important are your goals to you? Have you reached them? If not, have you invested money and time on achieving them?

If you believe in your goals, and your dreams, spend your resources on them. Specifically, your time, and your money; when you fail to use these two valuable resources on yourself, you are only letting yourself down.

Buy books

Buy those books that can teach you what you need to know. In a book, you can learn from the experience of others. This will bring you a wealth of information that can propel you toward your goal.

Go to seminars

Check out the Internet, and your local paper, to find out when seminars are scheduled that can boost you toward your goal. You can expect to learn from the presenters. You will meet other people with the same interest, and you can brainstorm. A seminar allows you the time to work on your creativity, getting you away from your daily routine, so you can work on your goals, rather than the routine demands of life. One of the most valuable things you will glean from attending a seminar is you will receive a lot of information within a compressed amount of time.

Join associations

When you join an association, you will meet regularly with people who have the same interest as you. Associations are a place to find support, and help, to achieve your goals. Associations have numerous events throughout the year in which to enhance your knowledge. Being a member of an association gives you the opportunity to learn about breaking news, new ideas, and who the key achievers are in the goals you are trying to reach.

Hire a coach

A life coach will help you design your life, and create clarity as to what it is you need to do to meet your goals. Your coach will help you focus, create action plans, and obtain results.

Spend that money

When you spend money on the things that will help you reach your goals, you are doing more than dreaming about your potential, you are making a commitment. Think of spending money on your goals as the seeds to the harvest you will reap.

May you reach your goals so you will not live a life with the regrets of, I wish I had, I should have had, or why didn’t I go for my dreams.

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