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Invest in tailoring

Someone who wants to make their clothes last longer or would like a better fit should invest in tailoring. Some try to remedy their clothing by very frequent washing for shrinking purposes, or cutting, which causes frayed edges and an unfinished look. U.S. standard clothing sizes are an average measurement that doesn't always cater to everyone. Sometimes it is difficult to find that perfect fit, which can result in clothing that doesn't last long.

Tailoring is adding a permanent shape into a garment. It includes focusing on an accurate fit and figure lines. If you are planning on buying an outfit specifically to be tailored for a precise fit, it is recommended that you buy a size larger than your regular size. Tailoring might include adding lining, taking in a dress/ jacket, hemming, and/ or making a collar studier. You can tailor or alter a garment anytime, whether it is a few decades old or brand new.

There are numerous tailors in the denver area. Some upscale shops have an inhouse tailor as well. Many dry cleaners also offer some alterations services. Depending on the service and the store, expect to pay between $20 to $60 on common alterations.


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