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Invest in community college progress

Front lot construction at Miramar College. Off Black Mountain Road in Mira MEsa. THursday, May 8.
Front lot construction at Miramar College. Off Black Mountain Road in Mira MEsa. THursday, May 8.
Adam Benjamin

Science degrees earned at San Diego's community collegess give the students an edge on finding a place in the local work market they can make their key contributions in. OPening a newly built Administration Building at the Miramar College campus fits in a Mira Mesa education plan made to raise the work successes gained by investing in growing the education enterprises at the local campus locations.

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Miramar College Administration building near complete. Thursday, May 8, 2014.

Miramar College broke ground on its administration building well behind the educators' schedule. Construction work now fills the dirt acres on the norrth campus. Work that will open up opportunities for students to take up plans to make a start in a skilled work field makes work dreams bigger, and better.

A new open north road into the Miramar College campus leads to a future entry plaza. THe administration building administrators will use to set up bigger education plans, and new goals, stands on a path students will walk in larger numbers than Miramar has ever seen. The campus quad, and a new Science Building under construction, have been lined up for stepped up work on educaiton.

A-100, still to stand after the move to the new Administration Building, guarantees adults can take their San Diego Continuing Education tests in a seat in a Miramar building. Education growth will start in August.

Building the 20,000 square foot Science Building will help shut the door on the coming end to the times community college science education gives students lesser gains in modern work skills. STEM education needs have been ignored during a long seat shortage period. Status quo community education comes closer to an end. Community colleges can, with up to date facilities, prove the working class, and work gain middle class, standard opportunity builders in San Diego's mainstream communities.

Keep working on walking in full grown classes at the local schools.

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