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Inventions that had an impact on shaping the builder generation

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In addition to the historical events and entertainment nuances shared among members of a generation virtually every generation has been shaped by new inventions. In the case of the builder generation there are many significant inventions that change the way they lived while growing up versus their parents.

Here is a list of some of the most notable inventions that had an impact on this generation:

  • Aerosol can.
  • Penicillin.
  • Bubble gum (as opposed to chewing gum).
  • Car radio.
  • FM radio.
  • Scotch tape (the brand in more of an impact than the base product, cellophane tape).
  • Frozen vegetables (see video for facts about the healthiness of frozen vegetables).
  • Tape recorder.
  • Commercial airlines.

Each of these discoveries changed some aspect of life as their parents had known it. Life was made easier, healthier or more enjoyable as these inventions became mainstream.

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