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'Invasion of the Killer Cicadas' Kickstarter launched (Photos)

On March 7, 2014, directors, writers and brothers Mat and Myron Smith announced that they just launched Kickstarter for their film "Invasion of the Killer Cacadas."

All Things "Invasion of the Killer Cicadas"
All Things "Invasion of the Killer Cicadas"
Image: Courtesy
"Invastion of the Killer Cicadas"
"Invasion of the Killer Cicadas" Kickstarter launched, Photo: Courtesy

These talented young men, out of Ridgeway, Va., are also the creators of "Young Blood: Evil Intentions." The Smiths now bring fans this new epic sci-fi adventure.

"A small humble town is plagued by killer cicadas, and for them it seems hopeless. After two dimwitted service men spray the cicadas with chemicals, mistaken for pesticide, these little buggers mutate to an uncontrollable size. Soon the planet is in peril as these colossal cicadas effortlessly demolish buildings and crush poor citizens!

It seems there is only one man who can stop them before it’s too late. Will he be able to save the day? Or will the world fall victim to the 'Invasion of the Killer Cicadas?' - Film's Synopsis by Mat and Myron Smith

This Kickstarter is used to help raise money to finish a few of the film's final scenes. It will also help to produce DVDs in time for the premiere. The premiere is expected to be in spring 2014.

Why did you two decide to create this film and how has it been financed?

"After creating a horror film, we decided to do something a little more playful with 'Invasion of the Killer Cicadas.'

Creating 'Young Blood: Evil Intentions' was an enjoyable experience, but making a dark psychological thriller can be a little restraining at times. This time, with a science fiction comedy, there will be no limits.

Having paid most of the movie ourselves out-of-pocket, we are hoping to raise some funds to enhance production value on several scenes. This amount would barely buy a day's lunch for most production companies, but it will make a huge difference for us.

Once the film is complete, any additional funds raised would be used for production of DVDs, film festival submission fees, and countless other expenses that come with promoting a film." - Mat and Myron Smith

To learn more go to Kickstarter, to the Smith's latest film trailer, and visit them on Facebook!

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