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Inuit community accuses animal advocate of stealing its dogs

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Her heart may be in the right place, but her neighbors in the Arviat, Nunavut, Canada think Tasha Kaulback is way out of line, and have ordered her to cease and desist feeding malnourished and mistreated loose dogs in her community, going as far as to accuse her of “stealing their animals.”

In fact, Kaulback received a letter from the Inuit community, along with a petition, signed by 200 citizens, stating: "In our opinion, there are only two bodies, the RCMP and the Hamlet Bylaw officers hold the power of seizure in this community. Let these people do their jobs as defined by the territorial and hamlet law." Kaulback has fostered many thin and sick-looking pets.

The controversy stems from Tasha and her husband’s attempts to foster numerous malnourished animals, including, one dog they discovered frozen to the ground and unable to stand up, as well as another who’s owner reportedly “only fed it 3 tablespoons of dog food a day.

"My husband attempted to talk to the bylaw officers and ask them if they would please consider us as an alternative to putting the animals in the pound and then shooting them at the local dump, but they said no,” she stated, adding that this will not stop the couple from caring for the animals in need.

In the meantime, Arviat Mayor Bob Leonard expresed his optinion that the Kaulbacks that people should be allowed to rescue mistreated dogs, and hopes that both sides will soon find a way of working together.