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Intuitively speaking, listen to the heart

Life continues through webbed connections traveling a path of authentic and transitory sensory experiences. We are the transmitters of the information that flows, silently and audibly, streaming within each thought generating exterior action from the interiors reaction.

Trust and know you do know.  Listen to the silence.
Love Exposed
There is much more than the mind involved in decision making.

“Stemming from a pureness born by creation, all things remain beautiful until we tell them they are not. The greatest and saddest example of this is the self.“ Soulshine Soul-u-tions

We are guided by an invisible power that we call frequency. Frequency is created by our relationship we have to sensation and the meaning it provides us. This definition we determine comes from feeling good or from feeling bad, on the most basic sense. Both are subjective as we control how we feel about every circumstance, condition and relationship. Our choices made then become the starting point to a road map that steers us to feel joyous or frightened. Each decision is then broken down by the question: Do I feel love or am I fearful?

If we have the power to know all things, how do we choose correctly?

Feel, felt, found, these are three tenses of sensation which are used to describe to someone something they themselves have not fully experienced. For instance, in sales, we use this as a technique to help a customer relate to a product or service based on others opinion. With this technique in mind, where the objective is to bring ease to someone that is feeling difficulty making a decision to buy, we can also relate this meaning to our own sensations and how we make decisions.

Everyone has intuitive abilities. There is a skill involved in using this type of sensational radar. The main task is to learn how to discern the validity of what we are experiencing prior to reacting. There are three calls to action when partnering with our intuition.

  1. Recognition – understanding when our equilibrium or baseline condition is shifting – something feels different or uncomfortable.
  2. Retreat – falling back into self to stop resistance to the sensation that is permeating.
  3. Respond – trusting the process and creating action from a heart-centered movement.

When we are in sync with life we are normally healthy and happy. Understanding our body, mind and spirit is an important element to working successfully with intuition. Intuition comes on when we are in foreign environments, approaching a new situation or person and when we are alone, possibly while problem solving. If we are caught up with drama or confusion, we can be safe to say that we may miss some valuable interior insight as we have become unbalanced in our mind and body. The spirit is still lingering behind the chaos and hoping we will reach deeper to connect so this intuition can be felt.

When we are operating within a more stable functioning capacity that opens us to awareness, then we can get clues from our intuition as there is space available for the information to be received. This may be a nudge that feels like a tug, a sharp pain, a message that is audible or visual or just a hunch. Once we identify that there is a signal coming in, the next step is to take a breath or pause and quickly determine how to react.

This brings us to our next step which is to retreat. Once we start working with our intuition and not doubting it, we will be able to make better decisions quicker. Yet, as we start the process of discernment we may need to use this retreat step to check-in with what it is we are truly feeling or sensing and if it is something we even need to react to now or just put in our memory bank for a later time. To enter in the retreat phase, inhale deeply from the lower belly through the heart chamber and filling up the lungs with a pause at the end. On the exhale, allow sensation to rise and fall like the belly with no resistance. Try this three times and most importantly allow the mind to rest.

At the end of the third breath, connect the heart and mind by visually seeing a clear channel of energy. The heart will help in determining if action is needed or not. If we don’t retreat and skip Step Two, the mind will use only ego to determine what is real. When the heart it used, it finds an unconditional circumstance to each occurring action. The heart is the place where wisdom is stored and compassion is created. We are to ultimately make our decisions from this heart-centered self-storage no lease required location.

Moving from a place of unconditional love is the final step in this system of learning to use intuition. Faith is the ingredient that elevates our ability to use the unseen force called intuition, and our partner in determining action orientated responses with the heart. Sounds a little bit crazy, but this is the way we were designed to function. Animals use this keen sense to protect and thrive in a wilderness we can only imagine being in union with. We just continue to be too smart for our own good by surviving on logic and facts. Of course the mind is part of the relationship that is a duo, not solo, in making short and long-term decisions.

When we can be in concert with all our faculties and allow them to be a natural part of our daily lives, not a surprise occurrence, we will live with much more freedom and ease. Breaking down this process into steps may feel mechanical and awkward but with practice this will become as natural as it was meant to be. Belief in ourselves as powerful beings, that are never alone, will be the shift in consciousness that is arising and asking us to invisibly receive. Be ready and open for change, resistance is futile.

Love Courageously!

Love Exposed


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