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Intuitive massage therapy with Jay Greenfield

Jay Greenfield, LMT
Jay Greenfield

Jay Greenfield is an intuitive massage therapist. I recently experienced his technique at Nutrition Direct in Tamarac where Jay sets up a chair on Saturdays. Normally, I am wary of chair massages, it always leaves me with a mascara smeared face, a lighter pocket within 20 minutes in exchange for a superficial back rub that my neighborhood cat could do better.
But when I say Jay is intuitive, I really mean it, he found tension and knots in my back, neck, shoulders and head that I had no idea were there. Personally, I felt unrushed and noticed that he took his time, literally pin pointing knots and stress, leaving me feeling much, much better than I have ever felt after a chair massage or even most table massages I have had in the past. The massage made me very conscious of all the tension I had been unconsciously carrying with me and the unnatural posture of sitting in front of a computer screen for work.
Creating awareness is something close to Jay’s heart, a mission to help people feel and understand their bodies so they may take action to improve their health. His wife Sherri, tells me that Jay is so passionate about massage therapy and helping people that he doesn’t like to set up a time frame of the usual 10-30 minutes like most chair massage therapists but instead wants to work on someone until he feels he has helped them. Obviously, for special or big events he does have to set a time limit due to the number of people but in an ideal world, time constrictions would be on the back burner.
Before Jay became a licensed massage therapist at 38, he worked at as a printing press operator. His health was poor, he weighed 270 lbs, had digestive issues and felt the toxic effects of the environment at his job. He wanted to do something different with his life, change it around to be healthier and do something that would impact people positively. One day while at work, he had an unusual customer named Norma Lloyd, a spiritually minded artist that creates soul portraits of individuals that caught Jay’s curiosity. Through his curiosity they became friends and Norma encouraged Jay to get in tune with himself and follow his unknown calling to change his life. Jay also had a friend who was a massage therapist at the time, who introduced him to bodywork techniques which immediately resonated with Jay and he enrolled into massage school to train. He took inspiration from his dad, who would always push Jay to learn new things by saying “Just do it and you’ll learn”. It’s wise straightforward advice Jay has taken to heart and finally in 1997 he graduated as a fully licensed massage therapist. The training to become a massage therapist also lead Jay to become aware of his own body. He began to exercise and focused on nutrition which helped him shed his weight and “walk the talk” of what he had learned.
Jay’s new vocation took him to working with various people, he first started working with Dr. George Love, a local acupuncturist who taught him to become more observant of people’s posture and the way they moved to pinpoint physical issues. He also trained with Dan McGovern, the founder and developer of Whole Body View, a movement therapist with 20 years experience. From then his work expanded to collaborating with various health practitioners, growing his own private client list and expanding his knowledge to techniques such as cranial sacral, aromatherapy, deep tissue and Trager, a rolling, movement technique to release tension. He incorporates everything he has learned when working on a client, acknowledging that everyone is different and he tailors his massages around the client’s concern areas and the tension he finds while working on them. He also works with clients on the importance of flexibility and core strength by incorporating aquatic therapy, stretching techniques and weight bearing exercises.
Besides being body conscious, Jay is also aware of how nutrition affects health. He grows his own organic garden, eats a wholesome diet and takes mental notes when he works in association with Reid Eckert on Saturdays at Nutrition Direct. Eckert is a Certified Nutritional Counselor from Bastyr University with 25 years experience. Jay has also encountered his most challenging and rewarding client at Eckert’s, helping a young woman who had been in a severe car wreck at the age of sixteen, sustaining major trauma to her brain, leaving her partly paralysed. Through physical therapy, massage and building trust, Jay has helped her regain some movement and has even gotten her to start taking some short steps when her previous diagnosis was that she would never walk again. He mentions it’s tough but when he starts seeing the minor changes accumulate, he tells me there’s no greater feeling than seeing this young lady slowly regain her life back. Jay is one massage therapist with pure passion for what he does and realises, it’s the small steps and listening to oneself that make the biggest changes.

Contact or visit Jay:

You can find him on Saturdays at: Nutrition Direct, 8154 N. University Dr., Tamarac, 33321

Tel: 954-722-8847

Or contact him on 954-304-7285 and book directly.

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