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Intuitive extraordinary power blend of the ‘Dog Days’

The dog days of summer are here and the forage and harvest relax into the heat of the day on a shaded summer porch. Tinctures, oils and vinegars succumb to chamomile, lavender, motherhwort, roses, vervain, rue, yarrow, in July on the slow ride to summer’s end. The rush of spring coming it was due to the long haste of the long hard winter the nation survived from last winter.

Get inspired and have a good feast Lusty tomatoes, eggplants, corns, collards, turnip greens, and bushels of green beans, kale, peppers, carrots and potatoes all teeming with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Wash, clean and have prepared for easy access and preparing easy summer meals. Remember gardening is the greatest universal experience in the cosmic energy adventure. If you can’t grow ‘em another great supplier of multiverse energy is the local farmers markets, share the love.

Blending and utilizing the Universal energies The cosmic forces the deflect off the planets and pulls us into transformation is indeed one we need to pay close attention and follow with the best of our hearts intention. Each day beings new and extraordinary forces and if we stay in tune and grounded we will be embalmed in new places, new people and new foods to enliven the soul. He challenge at this time of year is learning to allow the slow pace to enter in peacefully and to take advantage of it. Pushing when we shouldn’t could cause us to trust the wrong people and underestimate the impulses of slow.

What you can do to utilize the power of the ‘dog days’

1. Get an intuitive reading

2. Relax

3. Savor the rain

4. Eat delicious fresh fruits and vegetables

5. Bask in the sun’s rays

6. Take long slow walks, hikes and swim

7. Skygaze

8. Do what you ‘dog day’ love

9. Rethink your spirituality

10. Go barefoot

May your dreams be filled with spirit guides, prosperity, love, compassion, companionship, fun and good health, blended with ancient wisdom. Live fearless. "No snow."

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