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Intuitive decision-making

What is a Capernaum decision? It is that example made by the disciples to immediately leave their nets and follow Jesus. It seems that a lot may be left out of that tale. We don't know if they spent weeks thinking about it ahead of time and were ready at a moment's notice, or whether this was a decision made at that moment in time. What we do know is that their actions spoke loudly. They were willing to forsake all to follow a dream, an ideal, a teacher who held out hope of greater things.

Are snap judgments always wrong? Is second guessing a decision made on a whim always good? How many of us have made intuitive decisions on the spur of the moment that have turned out to be the right thing to do? On the other side of the coin, we often see people who make impulsive decisions which they don’t stick with. Is a snap decision like the parable of the seed sown on stony ground that quickly springs up but has not root and no staying power? The disciples’ sudden decision to follow Jesus (Matthew 4:20, 22) seems to contradict that idea. It is appropriate to make some choices speedily, even decisions with lifelong consequences.

Intuitive decisions are not impulsive. There is a world of difference even though on the surface they may seem to be the same thing. Going with our instincts can be the right choice. If we trust that Jesus will lead us to green pastures, why delay following him?

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