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Intuition or fear: Why is your inner voice stopping you from dating

Listen to your inner voice.

That's the advice many people are given when it comes to making decisions.

Trust your intuition.

While this is a good idea in most instances, it can be problematic when they're fear involved. That fear can come from past experiences or negative information received from others. Your concerns will guide your inner voice.

According to dating coach Sheila Paxton, in her Your Tango video, when the inner voice is positive it's your intuition. But when your inner voice is negative it may be guided by fear.

Ask yourself if this feeling is based on your past experiences. If they are don't just push them aside. Take time to acknowledge what you're feeling, before you quiet your inner voice. Don't shut your inner voice out all together, remember it's there to protect you. But you can't let your inner voice keep you from finding the right man for you.

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