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Intuition Classes Enlighten Toledo

Margie Long, an experienced and enlightened practitioner of New Age method and practice, is a seasoned Toledo, Ohio resident. Her expertise ranges from Intuition science and channeling practice to Tarot and energy work. On Saturdays, she reserves her time to teach Intuition and energy work in addition to offering life readings and personal New Age based advice and consulting. Reaching inward then, within the very heart of life energy itself, she draws on personal experience and expert know-how to direct and facilitate inner learning from eager students anxious to begin work on themselves.

Beginning each Intuition class, she starts with brief introductions and cooperation with students in order that each individual present open their minds and attune to one another. Following this practice, she proceeds with a general cleansing and meridian vibration warm-up. Throughout the class, information divulged, discussed and practiced proves conducive to personal learning and self-exploration. Furthermore, her knowledge exercised demonstrates a true empathy toward new explorers and beginning students.

General introductions to subjects such as Chakra research and work, manifestation of goals, dreams and desires, plus an emphasis on connectivity to the Divine as a whole are only some of the subjects studied and conversed. Margie’s connectivity to the world at large coupled with her well-versed nature demonstrates a breadth and a depth expressive of inner and outer Divinity, “If you are in a Religion,” she explains, “then extend to everything.”

Practice includes group exercises, including a general tuning of one’s own personal energy with all of those present in the class. Starting by circle formulation and tactile energy transfer, students in her class become aware of each other on a higher, that is, intuitive level. In addition, the group also participates in the transference of energy through imagination, visualization and concentration.

Finally, after working with each other closely on these levels, a small and experimental channeling session commenced. Leading the way through the fog of distant space and time, an entity channeled through her provided insight into the art in addition to a flare of mysticism both alluring and intriguing. Margie teaches from experience and example as she brings light to Toledo and its vicinity. Her classes are highly recommended for both the experienced and the beginner in New Age theory and practice!

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